Development of A Comprehensive & Integrated Framework for Quality Malaysian ECCE

Project Leader

Prof . Dr. Sopia Md Yasin

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The Malaysian government has taken various strategies through the implementation of policies,increased funding as well as enhanced capacity building programs towards a strong foundation for the development and expansion of ECCE. The government has further ensured that ECCE is available to all through initiatives under the National Key Result Area (NKRA), Public Private Partnership, increase access to ECCE under the NKEA, through rapid scale- up of private child care centers and preschools as well as ECCE training centers.   The establishment of childcare centers also helps to increase the participation of women in the workforce which in turn increases the national economy apart from being and investment for Malaysia’s overall socio-economic development. Malaysia has made remarkable success in recognizing the need for and implementing programs.


 Dr. Mazlina Che Mustafa |  Jamilah Omar | Dr. Azizah Zain | Dr. Norlaile Salleh Hudin