1) What are the roles and functions of NCDRC?

  • Conduct research related to care, education and development of children.
  • Develop a database of children’s profile in Malaysia.

2) When the establishment of NCDRC?

  • NCDRC was established on 21st June 2006, upon approval of the Cabinate to help formulating a comprehensive and holistic policy pertaining to child care and education.

3) Does NCDRC organize any program or course which open to the public ?

  •  NCDRC has and will organize various programs involving the public as follows:

       a) Program, courses and workshops on early care and education of children.

       b) Provide advice to parents in terms of education and child care.

       c) Counseling services children and families.

       d) Service screening (screening) children.

       e) Workshops, forums and lectures to increase public knowledge about the importance of early childhood education.

4) What efforts have been made by the NCDRC in providing useful information to the public ?

  • Coordinate seminars, conferences, lectures, and discussion forum.
  • Provide advice and counselling service.
  • Publish journals and reading materials on child care and education.

5) Are there any other organizations that cooperate and collaborate with NCDRC?

  • NCDRC cooperate and collaborate with various government and non-government bodies. NCDRC also in the process of making connection with industries, universities, religious based institution as well as child development centre, local and internationally.
  • Apart from that, NCDRC also expanding the network with the international bodies such The United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO)