Research Monograph

Implementasi Koleksi Baharu Lagu Kanak- Kanak Melayu Tradisional dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran di Pusat Anak PERMATA Negara

Project Leader
PM Dr.Mohd Hassan Abdullah
Project Code


The purpose of this research is to study the suitability of the implementation of new documented traditional Malay children’s songs in teaching and learning among children at National PERMATA Child Centre. In addition, it is hoped that this project can transmit the musical tradition to the younger generation. Two CDs karaoke was developed to be implemented in the early childhood classroom. The selected early childhood teachers from PERMATA centres throughout Malaysia were asked to implement the songs in their teaching. The Data was gathered through interview, survey and observation among teachers and students. From this research, it is hoped that a set of suitable songs will be produced in the form of CD karaoke to be used at early childhood education.
Mohd. Nizam Hj. Nasriffan|Mahayudin Abd.Ramli | Nor Azman Mohd Ramli