Kajian Kesesuaian Item WPPSI III Versi Bahasa Melayu Untuk Mengesan Kanak-Kanak Pintar Berumur 3 dan 4 Tahun

Project Leader

PM. Dr. Md. Nasir bin Masran

Project Code


This study aims to determine the suitability of WPPSI III Malay version to track 4 years old children that could categorized as gifted. The Malay language version of WPPSI III consists of three major domains which are verbal IQ. performance IQ and processing speed. There are seven main subtests which are block design, information, matrix reasoning, voccabulary, concept picture, reasoning and coding. 30 children (sample) aged 4 years from government and private nurseries was selected as respondents for this study.Most of the sample scored very few on the subtests. Most respondents were not able to be tested becase some constraints, such as crying, feeling afraid toward the testers and others. However, there are chidren de have a high level of intelligence. They are those with high scores. The result of the study are limited because of the small number of samples. For a more conclusive conclusion, similar studies should be conducted on a larger group of other children.

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