Research Monograph

Short Term Impact of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) on Human Capital Development

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Azizah Zain

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The demand for ECCE in Malaysia and qualified early childhood educators has led to a remarkable surge in the percentage of tertiary institutions providing early childhood education programs. Over the last few years, parents, educators, business operators and the government have increasingly recognized the importance of early childhood care and education (ECCE). Therefore, the quality of early childhood care and education in Malaysia needs to be improved to be on par with international standards. As such, stakeholders in this field need to evaluate the results and impact of the services provided in TASKA and TADIKA. This study aimed to explore the short-term impact of Early Childhood Care and Education on human capital development in TASKA and TADIKA. This study employed a hybrid, qualitative and quantitative approach in answering the objectives of the study. The study sample consisting of children, teachers and parents who were randomly selected according to five regions namely northern, east coast, central, and southern region, as well as Sabah and Sarawak respectively. The instruments used in this study consisted of oral and observation tests, writing tests, teacher and parent surveys. The findings of this study suggested that the mastery of children attending TASKA and TADIKA had a positive impact particularly on cognitive development followed by global readiness and spiritual development. The results have also shown that KPM preschool children have higher cognitive mastery than other agencies. Moreover, it is also indicated through surveys and interviews with teachers and parents that children’s development is increasing positively. In this regard, the study suggests that all parties should pay attention and give priority to early childhood education, as it has a very positive impact on the children’s development especially the first six years are crucial to their brain, physical and emotional development.


Azhar Md. Adnan | Suraiyah Zaidon | Siti Nur Sabariah Omar | Siti Nor Amalina Ahmad Tajudin | Azhar Buhari | Robe’ah Yusuf | Jamilah Mohd Basir