Research Monograph

The Acquisition Of English Pronouns by 5 -6 Years Old Children : A Study In Selected Kidnergartens in Malaysia

Project Leader

 Dr. Arshad Bin Abd Samad

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The use of pronouns among young children is an interesting phenomenon to examine due to the psychological connections that can be made between pronouns and the developing concept of ego and self among young children. In a learning English as a Second Language (ESL) situation,however, the acquisition of pronouns may be influenced by other factors such as exposure to the forms as well as the students’ first language. This largely descriptive study examines the acquisition of the English pronouns among forty 5 to 6 year old Malaysian ESL preschoolers. The children in the study were presented with 33 drawings to assess their familiarity with subjective,objective,possessive and reflexive English pronouns. For each drawing,the children required to select the correct pronoun from three pronouns that were used in a sentence to describe the drawing.This study will report on accuracy rates for each pronoun, assuming that high accuracy rates indicate a more complete acquisition sequence in the literature. Error forms will also be identified. Finally,some initial suggestions will be made on English pronouns to children whose first language is not English in the context of recent teaching initiatives conducted in Malaysia.

 Nurul Iman binti Arshad |Kaaminy A/P Kanapathy | Woo Bee Eng