The Effect Of Interactive Reading Material Towards Standard Two Student's Achievement in Reading

Project Leader

Adenan Ayob

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Teaching and learning through technology is currently experiencing a very rapid change. Changes in technology, especially in the learning system can be seen through the use of interactive learning material with technology-based multimedia. To achieve that context, this research was carried out to modify and test an interactive reading material for standard two primary school pupils, including the producing of using manual. The experimental group was exposed to the use of interactive multimedia materials, while the control group was exposed to the use of conventional materials. Quasi-experimental method was used in this study to test standard two student’s achievement in reading comprehension. The samples are standard two primary students. Data were analysed by descriptive and inferential. Descriptive data are the mean and standard deviation. Inferential data were analysed using ANCOVA statistic. The results showed that there were significant differences between the use of interactive and the use of conventional materials when the pre-test is statistically controlled or covariates. The result shows the implication that interactive multimedia reading material makes student more creative and critical in reading. Therefore, it is proposed to the Ministry of Education to intensify the use of interactive multimedia materials in order to improve the achievement of student in reading.
Azhar Wahid |Rain Shaari | Abdullah Yusof| Nurul Anuar Jamasan|