Our main roles are to manage, administer and monitor NCDC System as well as coordinate the system-related workshops and trainings to the end users (government agency officers, TASKA operators, teachers and educarers).

In addition, the System Data & Unit is also responsible for training and technical assistance to other staff, conducting minor system maintenance and preparing graphic designs for NCDRC activities.

contact number: 015-4879-7139/7107/7140

our roles

Monitor and administer data updating by the officers, operators and teachers, monthly.

The collated data includes information on children (0-4 years), childcare centres and teachers/operators/managers/carers via NCDC  System.

Coordinate the system-related workshops and trainings to the goverment agency, TASKA operators, teachers and educarers.

Generates reports on children, childcare centres and teachers/operators/ managers/carers to inform agencies and stakeholders.

Data mining, analytics and visualization via business analytics and business intelligence platform.

training and technical assistance to other staff, conducting minor system maintenance and preparing graphic designs for NCDRC activities.

Handling any inquiries or complaits related to NCDC system.

our systems

The National Child Data Centre (NCDC) is a web-based system that collects data from birth to four (4) years of age, attending the child care programme or better known as TASKA.

Apart from keeping record on the child’s basic profile, the NCDC system focuses on early childhood development data, based on developmental milestones as stated in the PERMATA curriculum.

The data collected are used to support and empower early childhood care and education (ECCE) in terms of socio-economic development, research, improvement of national policies and policies and early awareness programs

Malaysia Psychometric Inventory for Care and Education (MySCREEN) system is initiated back in July 2018, which involve the development of screening items, collection of user needs, which pilot project with selected agencies and private as well as system improvements have been conducted under the National Child Data Centre Sustainability Project Grant. During that process, only 1 module of the system that is being tested and piloted, which is the user module.

Dynamic Data Mining (DDM) provides real time general statistics on NCDC data updating.

The data collated can be used as reference for researchers, students, officers as well as the public, to get the general idea on children’s developmental trajectories in Malaysia.

Mobile devices and applications are changing the way individuals gather, process and share information. A development of such application, which applies to document and records child’s development and activity throughout their days at the childcare centre.

The apps also enable teachers to record daily child attendance, including daily child’s temperature to ensure the child is healthy enough to enjoy care and education. This apps is free for teachers and parents to have instant access related to their child development and activity. Thus, it is very useful to track and monitor the growth of the children in their first 5 years.


NCDC Training July – December 2018

As part of the research activity, NCDC training is conducted to all child care operators (new operators & operators with TASKA’s branches) from July to December 2018. During the training, all the participants learned on how to key in and

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